Helping somebody to walk, run and move forward is first and foremost about understanding the individual rather than a pathological condition. We need to listen, to fully understand and to give support to individuals in order to provide a comprehensive solution which they will respond to well...

Our innovative approach at Pododistin to treating foot and movement conditions is primarily based on combining the disciplines of pediatry and the designing of orthoses. This two-fold skills base draws on experience in domains as diverse as top-level sport, disability and early childhood.

Our procedure begins with a comprehensive clinical diagnosis, which is underpinned by the latest generation of imaging techniques. We analyse all the patient's needs. We apply every available parameter in order to achieve progress.

Our technological expertise gives rise to a genuine difference in the level of progress which is possible. Our expertise in synthetic materials and composites considerably enhances the effectiveness and the comfort level of the orthoses. Modelling in three dimensions (3D Foot) enables us to design custom-made orthopaedic shoes which work extremely effectively. Our in-house manufacturing expertise is a guarantee of customised and reliable products.