Conditions treated

Sports podiatry treats a wide range of conditions:

  • cramp
  • hyperpronation syndromes
  • Achilles heel tendinitis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • tendinitis (facia lata, tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior, patellar tendon, knee tendon bursitis)
  • periostitis
  • muscle tear
  • cartilage tear
  • overtraining
  • retrocalcaneal bursitis

It can relieve numerous types of associated pain and aches:

  • knee pain
  • discomfort
  • tilting pelvis
  • lumbago
  • heel pain
  • blisters
  • overheating 
  • interference between toes: contusions

40% of people have a universal (neutral) gait


It assists in the search for enhanced performance:

Control over posture and bad placing of the foot

  • varus or supinated foot
  • valgus or pronated foot

The static foot and the dynamic foot behave differently.

Runners need to correct their posture to optimise their stride pattern and their race performance.

The ideal sporting orthosis:

  • It provides greater cushioning of the hindfoot (materials which dissipate the foot strike shock).
  • It supports the midfoot.
  • It propels the forefoot forward: elasticity of the material and dynamic release of energy.
  • Its lining is effective against overheating, slipping and blisters.

Thermo-moulded foot orthoses

The shoes can be customised to a high degree: the sole really shapes itself to the foot for maximum efficiency.