Thermoformable Composite Foot Orthoses (TCFOs)

Introduction to the TCFO concept

  • Definition

Interface sandwiched between the weight of the body and the ground [via the shoe].
A foot orthosis placed in a shoe is subject to extensive biomechanical and chemical constraints relating to: 

impact of sudation.

Principles underpinning TCFOs

  • Support – Comfort – Dynamism – Protection - BIOMECHANICS
  • TCFO layer in contact with the foot
  • BASE
  • TCFO layer in contact with the shoe



A foot orthosis is composed of three parts:

- A covering or lining [part of the foot orthosis in contact with the sole of the foot].
- A base [part of the foot orthosis in contact with the shoe].
- Correcting elements which overlap and fit together within and under the foot orthosis. Examples of correcting elements include: compensation, comfort and posture.

  • The TCFO is a foot orthosis base which is thermoformable, designed and assembled on the same plane and which can be customised on the basis of the diagnosis.
  • The TCFO takes into full account the biomechanics of the foot.

The benefits

  • The TCFO provides optimal performance through the combination of the physical and chemical characteristics of the synthetic materials.
  • The synthetic materials can be formulated according to requirements. They are washable and hygienic, and their composition makes them easy to use: one can heat them and shape them as one wishes.

The advantages

  • The TCFO results in an aesthetically-pleasing and hygienic orthosis which is directly adjusted to the patient's foot and can be modified according to requirements.